Welcome to my brain.

Hey guys my name is Nate. I am 16 years old and I'm from Greenville, SC. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska then moved to Wauwatosa, WI and now I am here. I play guitar, mandolin, piano, saxophone and drums. I absolutely love music! On this blog you will find basically anything that I have done, want to do, or stuff that just describes me and my being. Love All, Serve All, Create No Sorrow.


Magical Bonnaroo Moment:

After the Chromeo set the few beers I bought really had me searching for relief. I half drunkenly took a wrong turn and ended somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be. Then right in front of me were two Angels. I was way too star struck to shout after them, so I took a picture and ran away.

Also, the guy in the middle is wearing a jersey that says Michigan! I like to pretend that’s me.

Such a great show, so much emotion

Oh Pretty Lights, what a way to start the concert

The incredibly chill Bonnaroo Gardens, met tons of awesome people here!
The Tallest Man on Earth, for sure one of my favorite shows! 
My flags a flying, sort of.
Last Night…tears